Facetime Coming to Macs and PCs?

Now, this is only a rumor, but it is the next logical step for Apple. French Apple Rumor site Mac4Ever is reporting that Apple is planning on releasing FaceTime for iChat, and making a version for Windows as well.
Mac4Ever has been accurate about rumors in the past, and let’s face it, FaceTime on computers would really push their standard forward. Being able to video call anyone, anywhere is a pretty nice concept. If Apple could allow video calls from their phones to computers, they’d put FaceTime in a very good position to become the top video calling format.
I hope Apple pulls through with this one, I’d love to be able to place video calls to anyone, anywhere.
via MacRumors

Oh, and in case you weren’t counting (and why would you be?) this is leafandcore’s 1000th post! Drinks all around!

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