Google Voice Finally Heading for iOS

Google Voice apps were pulled before for a few reasons. The biggest reason was the fact that AT&T didn’t want people using their unlimited data to stop placing calls or using text messages. If people didn’t use their minutes, they could buy the cheapest plans, and AT&T would lose money.

However, AT&T now limits data to 2GB, and charges users for extra data used. In other words, AT&T no longer cares about how you use your phone, they’re making money no matter what.

Because of this, and more importantly, Apple’s new App Store guidelines, which make it much easier for developers to get their apps on the App Store, the Google Voice app “GV Mobile” will soon be one of the first to offer Google Voice on the iPhone (again).

This means users will be able to place calls between US and Canada for free. Although, as I previously mentioned, you’re not going to want to go over your data limit. Using it on WiFi, however, would be free and unlimited. If your minutes or text messages are getting a bit too close to the limit, an app like this will save you from some nasty overage charges.

Apple has confirmed that Google Voice apps will be approved, as long as they don’t break any of the App Store rules.
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