RocketFish Case for iPhone 4

Today I went out shopping for a new case for my iPhone 4, because the bumper just wasn’t cutting it anymore. My first stop seemed like the most logical one: the Apple Store. This is a step you’ll want to skip, as the Apple Store was sold out of cases for the iPhone 4. Apparently, they have been for a while. With so many people believing the hype about the iPhone 4 reception “issue” they buy a case for their iPhone. This means demand for cases is very high. Although, it did give me a chance to play with the new iPods, as well as the Magic Trackpad. The trip wasn’t a complete waste of time.

After that, I tried FYE, Radioshack, the AT&T store, and Best Buy. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for, however I seemed to have 3 main requirements for a good case:

  • Good Protection
  • Good Looks
  • Ease of Use
Unfortunately, it seemed most cases could only meet one or two of the criteria. While I think the Vapor Case would be perfect, it’s far too expensive to be viable right now ($80). It was at Best Buy that I came upon the RocketFish case for iPhone 4. It’s made of a high density gel, offering both protection and grip. Normally these gel cases don’t look too good. However, this is a thick, high density case, it allows the looks of your iPhone to show through it, and it adds a nice looking diamond pattern to the back of the phone. It looks fantastic on the iPhone. This case offers good protection, good looks, and keeps your headphones and dock connector free. The only issue is that the buttons are a bit harder to press. This takes a while to get used to, and it may be a good reason to avoid the case. It all depends on your preference. Head over to a Best Buy, take it out of the packaging (if the associate doesn’t mind, I was allowed to), and try it out for yourself. 
Finding a good case is hard, but keep looking. Eventually you’ll find one you like. While the RocketFish works for me, I don’t recommend it for everyone, just because it’s more difficult to use the buttons. Look around, and try them out for yourself. You can make a much better choice in person than you can online.
2 comments on “RocketFish Case for iPhone 4
  1. Actually, I spoke to an Apple guy and the reason they stopped selling cases is that they don't want a wave of people coming in to ask for a free case as opposed to ordering it through the Free Apple Case Program app.

  2. Ah, thanks, I didn't know that. I thought people were walking out with a case for their new IPhone 4. But that's true, they'd have a hard time enforcing it if they sold the cases in store.

    Also, it gives people a chance to use their iPhone without the case, which could convince them there is no reception issue, and keep them from costing Apple another $30 for a free case.

    In that case, they should start carrying cases again next month.

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