Sony Takes Aim at Kinect

Sony’s new Move control system makes use of both motions, and buttons. Like the Wii, only with better 1:1 motion detection. Well, seeing that Kinect was probably their #1 rival, Sony has put up a website: At you can click the buttons on the move controller and hear some of the arguments against Kinect. For example, someone in the room could shout pause, screwing your game up. In fact pranksters, and even accidental screw ups are possible with a gesture based/sound based system. Watching a movie and change your posture? The system could see that to pause, fast forward, or quit viewing a movie.
Sony has some good points, buttons are an integral part of gaming. That’s probably why the Playstation Eye didn’t do so well. Although, the Eye did evolve into the Move, which is poised to be far more successful and fun to use.
via Engadget

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