25 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Left Apple

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the day Steve Jobs left Apple. In Steve’s absence, the company suffered. Meanwhile, Steve Jobs went on to form NEXT, who’s OS would eventually become Mac OS X, and Pixar, who would eventually make a bunch of amazing movies for kids… that grownups secretly love (or not so secretly).

Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, when Apple bought NEXT. It was 12 years to the day that Steve left Apple. That’s when the company started doing well again. Apple released the iMac. An all in one machine that looked like it was dropped off by an alien spaceship. It was easy to use, and looked great. Next was Mac OS X, then the iPod. Apple has flourished under Steve’s leadership, and suffered without it. 25 years ago, Apple made a bad decision. But they’ve been doing well since. All’s well that ends well.
via Gizmodo

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