VLC Media Player Out for iPad

The VLC Media Player has been released for the iPad, as expected. It seems to work, but it’s not without its flaws. The iPad plays hd movies and media quite well. This is because it has hardware dedicated to the h264 media format. VLC enables the iPad to play plenty of media formats, but it can’t change the iPad’s hardware. This means that while it can play all media types, you may want to refrain from HD. It’s like trying to play a new game with an old computer. The algorithm could be improved, but for now, media formatted for the iPad is still your best bet. Also, RealPlayer and Flash videos are out of the question. 
Even with those flaws, if you have an iPad, this is an app you’re going to want to download. It will allow you to enjoy plenty of video formats, without having to worry about converting anything. Syncing videos with the app can even be done through iTunes. It doesn’t get much easier than that. And unless you’re a huge fan of converting videos you get, you’ll be glad you have the app. 

Download VLC here. And yes, iPad only. It’s unfortunate, but perhaps it will be released for the iPhone soon enough. 

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