11.6″ MacBook Air Rumor Resurfaces

Once again, a rumor has come floating around about an update to the MacBook Air. Once again, it claims that the MacBook Air will be updated with a smaller form factor, and an 11.6 inch screen. This rumor carries with it a unique twist. Apparently, in order to further reduce the size and weight of the MacBook Air, part of the case would make use of carbon fiber. And who doesn’t love carbon fiber?

The new MacBook Air would also feature an update to the internals. The processor would be updated from a 1.83ghz or 2.0 ghz Core 2 Duo to an iSeries Intel processor (presumably the i3). The processor would improve performance and battery life.

This rumor carries some more weight with it that past rumors. Not only is the hardware due for an update (both of the internals and the external case) but also because Digitimes is reporting that manufacturer Quanta has received orders to make 400,000 to 500,000 of the new MacBook Airs before the end of the year.
via tuaw and AppleInsider

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