iTunes Update Brings new Ping Features

Yesterday Apple posted an update to iTunes that brought new Ping related features. This includes a “Ping” button on the selected song, which, as you can see above, allows you to “like” a song, Post it, or go directly to the artist’s profile. This is a lot easier than having to search through Ping for your favorite bands. If the band doesn’t have a Ping profile, which represents a large number of the bands on my computer, it sends you to the band’s normal iTunes page.

Also added is the Ping Sidebar. This works in the same way the Genius Sidebar does, except it displays your recent Ping activity, and adds a “Like” and “Post…” buttons for the currently selected song.

These are updates Ping needed from the beginning, and maybe it’ll increase interest and use of Ping.
Mac users, fire up software update from the Apple menu, and Windows users, find it in your Start Menu. The update won’t require a restart, so there’s really no reason not to update.
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