Metric or Imperial?

What’s a pulgada? It’s Spanish for “inch”. So, what’s wrong with the image above? No one in Spain uses “inches”.
I looked at other international versions of the Apple store, and they all feature the imperial units instead of metric measurements. While this may not seem like a big deal, consider your frustration if it was the other way around. When you never deal with inches, it’s hard to imagine how large “15 inches” is. It’s 38.1cm, by the way. If I told you it was 30ºC out, would you want to go outside with a coat or short sleeves? It’s hard to make these assumptions based on a system of measurement you never use. By the way, if it’s 30ºC out, wear a tshirt.

So I decided to see if this was just Apple’s site. I headed over to Dell’s UK site, and found the same issue. HP’s site for Spain, on the other hand, featured measurements in centimeters (although the site was otherwise frustrating to navigate).

So why not show the sizes in metric for all other countries? That’s a good question. It’s easier to just post the same thing for all websites, but since most countries use metric, you’d think it would be easy enough to convert the measurements to metric. On Apple’s website, all measurements besides the screen size are in metric. It seems strange that they’d leave the screen size out.

Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems strange that screen sizes would be in imperial units on international sites, doesn’t it?

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