Windows Browser Comparison

After doing the Mac Browser comparison, I decided to be thorough and test the Windows browsers as well. These are the same 4 browsers used on the Mac, with the addition of IE.

As you can see, the addition of internet explorer really doesn’t change anything. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox performed better on the Mac, but this is for a few reasons. First off, I was virtualizing Windows for this test, which lowers the scores a bit. Secondly, I used the beta version of Firefox for my Mac browser test. 
Opera, on the other hand, scored better on Windows, despite the virtualization, than it did on the Mac. Also, Safari did a lot worse on Windows than the Mac. The difference was a lot larger. Safari also is a bit buggy on Windows. Safari is a lot better on the Mac than it is on Windows. That’s the biggest difference between the two systems. Obviously, Internet Explorer is next to useless, as always. 
I could repost everything from my Mac browser comparison, or you can just follow this link

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