RIM Announces BlackBerry Playbook

Today RIM announced their answer to the iPad, and the shift towards mobile tablet computing. The BlackBerry Playbook is a tablet geared towards (you guessed it) BlackBerry users. However, BlackBerry’s making sure to mention that the new BlackBerry does much more than business work. The Playbook will also feature OpenGL support, it has a dual 1ghz processor and 1GB ram. It also has a 1024×600 multitouch display (7 inches), HDMI and USB ports, and a pair of hd cameras, both on the front and the back (are you listening Apple?).

Of course, it’s also a BlackBerry. It’ll sync with your enterprise email, just like the BlackBerry phones.

If you’re interested, yet put off by BlackBerry’s OS (and who isn’t?) fret not! The PlayBook features a new OS, dubbed BlackBerry Tablet OS (RIM is a very creative company). The new OS features WebOS-like multitasking. The apps will feature in app purchases as well.

It looks like the iPad is finally starting getting some stiff competition. The next iteration of the iPad will be coming out soon, and for Apple’s sake, they had better step their game up.
via Gizmodo and Engadget 

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