Google Goggles Comes to iPhone

I’m sure you know that Google lets you search images on the web. Type in a phrase, and find images related to your search query. But what if you want to do the opposite? Take an image, and find out about what’s in it. Was it a picture of a landmark? Get the name of the landmark. How about some foreign language? Quick translation! Barcode? Scanned!

Obviously, this is technology from the future, right? Wrong. Google Goggles allows you to do that, and more. And now, it’s on your iPhone. Using Google’s updated app, you can make use of Google Goggles with your iPhone 4 or 3GS.

Google’s app has a lot more than Goggles though. It also has voice search, as well as access to many of Google’s other apps, such as Earth, News, Buzz, and even Google Voice.

Ready for the bottom line? It’s free. Check out the new, all inclusive Google App here.

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