Microsoft Uses Angry Birds Icon Without Permission

Microsoft is really banking on Windows Phone 7 Series being successful. Their share on the phone market has decreased sharply, even worse so than RIM’s. They’re hoping that by showing potential customers that their OS can be used for games and social networks, they’ll get them as customers. So much so that they’ve offered cash to developers of other platforms to make ports of their games. And today, they were caught using popular game icons without the permission of the developer. The icon for Angry Birds, currently one of the most popular mobile games on many platforms, was used in one of the phone’s promotions without the permission of Rovio.

It’s possible that this is just a mixup on Microsoft’s part, rather than a plot to drum up interest in their platform under false pretenses. Rovio has stated that they are not committed to making a Windows Phone 7 version of their popular game. They haven’t stated whether or not they will be making a version for Windows Phone 7 in the future.

If you want to get developers on your platform, you should probably shy away from pissing them off.
via Engadget

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