Apple Discontinues XServe

For the past few years, Apple has offered a Mac perfect for serious business applications. Powerful, with plenty of storage and backup, and a small form factor. Not just a small form factor, but the only Mac that could be mounted in a rack with other servers. Unfortunately, Apple has canceled the XServe, effectively removing themselves from the enterprise sector. While they now offer a server configuration for the Mac Pro and Mac Mini, these computers lack important features that the XServe had. For example, the XServe could be configured with two power supplies, so that in the event of a power failure, service would not be interrupted. Also, the size of the XServe cannot be ignored. The Mac Pro is the only computer that has as much (if not more) processing power than the XServe, however, it’s a very large computer. No large business would replace their rack mounted servers for large desktop workstations.

Apple didn’t have a large hold on the enterprise sector though. In fact, that sector is dominated by Linux and Windows servers. While Mac OS was making gains in these sectors, it wasn’t happening fast enough to be profitable for Apple. The Mac Mini and Mac Pro are still great server solutions for small businesses, who may only need a single computer to serve as a server.
via MacRumors

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