No Netflix for Android?

Netflix is trying to make it’s way on to everything with a screen and internet access. It’s on the PS3, Wii, XBox, your computer, some tvs, some blu ray players, iPhones, iPods, iPads, even the new Windows 7 phone will be getting a Netflix app shortly. But there’s one platform they haven’t jumped onto yet: Android.

Netflix is working on an app for Android, but they’ve said that it’s incredibly difficult for a number of reasons. First off, Android is a very fragmented platform. The phones that run it are created by different manufacturers, who put their own apps on it, don’t upgrade the OS, lock it from being rooted, and have different levels of performance. Because of this, Netflix has had a hard time creating an app for Android.

This fragmentation isn’t just about performance. Netflix is having trouble using the different manufacturer’s copyright protection. Without it, their service could be used for piracy. This would come back on Netflix pretty hard, and could lose them the support of the movie studios they so desperately rely on.

Still, despite these concerns, Netflix will be releasing an Android app for select handsets in 2011. They haven’t been able to confirm what phones will be able to use the app, nor have they mentioned any other software, OS, or hardware requirements. The app is still in development, but Netflix is confident they can bring their service to Android. But it hasn’t been easy.
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