Apple Bans Android Magazine from App Store

Apple’s regulations for the App Store approval process have been posted for a while. The hope was that stories like this wouldn’t show up as often if people knew exactly what they had to do to get their app posted. However, one company thought they were being clever when they tried to to publish their own Android magazine through the App Store. Apple clearly states that apps used for the promotion of competitors’ products will not be published. Either they didn’t read the regulations, or they just wanted the attention.

Now people are questioning Apple’s choice to block the app.  Although this time, Apple may be in the right.

Let’s take a step back and look at this situation. Someone was trying to put their Android publication up on the App Store. That would be like going to Target and asking if you can hang a giant banner outside of their store for Walmart. No business advertises for their competitor, let alone free advertising.

Secondly, this was coming from a developer who either didn’t read the regulations, or thought they could get some free publicity. It’s a small publication that otherwise never would have been heard of. The publication probably made a point to blindly bash Apple, while praise Android. While people are entitled to their opinions, you can’t expect a company to let someone post inaccuracies for the simple reason of stirring up trouble.

This company clearly stirred up trouble for some free publicity.
I feel like we’ve been trolled.
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  1. Finally Android titles are coming! Has been a long time coming, but hey it's finally here. We're adding them to the shelves at the moment 🙂

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