FaceTime Changes Everything

Apple advertised FaceTime by showing touching situations, in which talking directly to a person is a more optimal situation. Video calling hasn’t quite caught on yet, but I’ve officially become an advocate of it.

Since graduating college, I’ve felt homesick. I visit often, but it’s just not the same when you can only stay for the weekends. I miss my friends, hanging out, the campus, even classes (I may be exaggerating there). But last night I discovered that FaceTime really can connect people better than I imagined. I got a FaceTime call from a friend of mine. Next thing I know, I’m talking to my friends gathered around his iPhone 4. It was like I was in the room. We stayed on for hours talking and joking. It was just like old times… except for the fact that I was 100 miles away from the room.

After having my first real FaceTime call since getting my iPhone 4, I really hope video calling catches on more. It makes it easy to connect, or reconnect, with people miles away. Sure, Skype has been around for years, but I think one of the big reasons it hasn’t caught on is that people need to stay logged in, and by their computer. When you’re carrying video conferencing around in your pocket, and you can be called with your phone number, you’ll realize that it’s a lot different than video calling has been in the past. Suddenly it’s a viable solution for communication.

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