Danish Newspaper Unhappy with App Store Guidelines

Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet recently tried to get their newspaper in the app store. However, they were rejected for their “Page 9 Girl”, which is, just as it sounds, a photo of a nude woman on page 9. Heine Jørgensen, of the Danish paper wrote that the page 9 girl was “an innocent Danish institution on par with The Little Mermaid”.
Too bad Disney didn’t grow up in Denmark, huh?

They do point out an interesting point, saying that Apple’s acting like an “American Nanny”. Apple is forcing not only their own morals, but morals based on an “American” culture on the global app store. Could it, perhaps, be wrong to censor the app store with a self defined morals, especially when the app store has perfectly good parental controls? Or could this just be the last effort of a bunch of guys who would like to see some naked ladies? I’ll let you be the judge of that.
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