Fake Disk Defraggers Pose New Security Threat

Don’t buy into this.

First, nefarious malware creators made fake antivirus software, now known as scareware, to get users to hand over their hard earned cash for peace of mind. Basically, the software would tell users that they have a virus on their computer, and they need to upgrade from the trial version to use it. The software would be very hard to remove, and was quite annoying. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to remove this from people’s computers.

Well, as popular as those were, we’re now seeing a new trend. It’s the same tactic, only now the scareware claims that your disk is flawed. The new malware goes by names like¬†HDDDiagnostic, HDDRepair, HDDRescue, or HDDPlus. If your computer tells you it needs to defrag the hard drive, use the Windows utility rather than software from an unknown publisher, who’s just looking for your credit card number.

Mac users, you’re safe. But Windows users, watch out for this.
via cnet

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