Site To Phone Sends Links to Your Phone

I’m sure you’ve been in this situation before. You’re browsing a website, and you have to leave your computer. You want to finish reading your article, so you send am email or text to your phone with a link. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just click a bookmarklet, and have the link sent to your phone?
Apparently, someone else thought this would be a good idea as well, and created the Site to Phone web app. It’s very easy to set up. You go to the site on your computer, go to the link they give you on your phone, save the bookmark to your home screen, and save the bookmarklet on your computer. Then, to send a link to your phone, you just click the bookmarklet, and open the page on your phone. It’s that simple.
Because it’s a web based app, it works on almost any smartphone. iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone, or WebOS. And because it makes use of a bookmarklet instead of a plugin, it works for any browser as well.
So if you ever find yourself sending links to your phone, why not make the process a lot quicker and easier with site to phone?

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