Phones do not Belong in Back Pockets

Let’s talk about the back pockets on your jeans. They’re less easily accessable than the front pockets but they’re often too small to fit a phone or wallet, as any girl or hipster in skinny jeans could tell you. As such, the square shaped back pockets are frequently used for wallets and phones, and that’s a bad idea. One 13-year-old girl learned this lesson the hard way, with a hospital trip and second degree burns. All because her phone was in her back pocket.

Cellphone batteries are volatile things. If the case is punctured, it will almost certainly combust. If too much electricity passes through them when they’re charging, they will likely combust. If that makes you nervous, it’s understandable. However, companies work hard to make sure that their devices are safe under most conditions (most of them, anyway). All of their efforts, however, will be in vain if you crack your phone with your butt as you sit down.

In the case of this unfortunate girl, her iPhone 5c combusted while in her back pocket. The combustion was so quick and so hot that she had to be rushed to the hospital with second degree burns. It’s believed that the reaction took place because she had the phone in her back pocket, and had sat on it. It wouldn’t take much weight or pressure to bend the phone, causing some part of the phone to compromise the integrity of the battery, so don’t think you’re safe because you’re skinny or cautious. In short, learn from her mistake: don’t sit on your phone. In fact, just don’t put it in your back pocket, because eventually you’ll forget about it’s in your back pocket and sit on it.

Source: CultOfMac


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