Bumprz, the Anti-Case iPhone Case

Apple’s iPhone is a piece of highly functional art. For that reason, I hate covering it up with a case. But, when a deadly, deadly wasp (I’m not even allergic) lands on your arm, causing a momentary, potentially girly scream and your accidentally throw your phone, shattering the screen, you realize you may need a case. I’ve tried a few, got fed up with all of them, and I’m back to no more case. Then I saw this Kickstarter project, and now I have hope for a case once more. These Bumprz are exactly what a case should be, minimal and elegant protection.

Bumprz aren’t a single case, they’re actually four metal corners that stick on the corners of an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. The adhesive is apparently strong enough to keep the four steel corners in place, which protect the sides and front glass of the case. In the video above, you can see an iPhone dropped repeadedly, sustaining absolutely no damage. Now, these drops aren’t completely unusual for even a naked iPhone 5 to survive, but the “case” certainly will protect the phone, in theory at least. Some of them look quite harsh, yet the four corners do a great job keeping the phone in one piece.

Bumprz will retail for $30, but can preorder them for $20 on Kickstarter now. They’ll be delivered in April if the Kickstarter goal is met, and they’ve already started production, so this shouldn’t be one of those Kicksarter projects that gets endlessly delayed. For $20 you can get protection for your phone that’s hardly noticeable. Isn’t that what all smartphone owners want?


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