Samsung’s Suing Dyson for Pointing out the Obvious

Dyson recently tried suing Samsung for copying the design of one of their vacuum cleaners, after having success suing them a few years prior for stealing vacuum technology. However, this time, Dyson dropped the case. Facing the legal giant that is Samsung would have been too difficult, and Sir James Dyson’s company dropped their lawsuit. They were facing an almost definite loss, as suing over a design is difficult (just ask Apple). If Dyson lost this case, they’d face their patent invalidated, and therefore, everyone could make vacuum cleaners that look like Dysons. By dropping the case, they only have to deal with one company, Samsung, copying their design.

Samsung took the dropping of the case as an excuse to sue Dyson… for defaming their already terrible image. Apparently, they don’t see the irony.

Samsung is suing Dyson in their home country of South Korea, which may be the court that would be most likely to side with a South Korean company over a foreign one (Dyson is a UK company). Samsung is seeking the equivalent of nearly $10 million in Won. Dyson didn’t even get that amount after Samsung was find guilty of infringing on their cyclone technology back in 2009. Samsung is known the copycat company with a very powerful legal team protecting those copied designs. This isn’t helping their image, it’s making things worse for them.

Dyson is an easy target for Samsung. Companies like Apple have substantial legal teams, and plenty of experience with fighting Samsung and defending design patents. Dyson, on the other hand, has a legal team that normally defends their technological patents, the actual mechanical workings of the product. Defending the design is harder, as Sir James Dyson points out, because any prior art can invalidate a patent, and Samsung has the experience hunting down those obscure references. Dyson on would rather allow Samsung to copy them than allow every manufacturer to copy the most prestigious name and iconic design in vacuum cleaners.

When it comes to companies doing some morally reprehensible things, Samsung’s in league with EA and Comcast. Suing a company started by a man who has a passion for engineering, educating the next group of inventors, and using it to make people’s lives better, as many of his award winners have done? That only further secures their position as one of the worst companies in the world.

Source: The Verge


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