Download this Gameboy Advance Emulator Now, No Jailbreak

The best Gameboy Advance emulator for iOS, GBA4iOS has been updated for iOS 7, and it’s better than ever. It can skip the normally difficult process of downloading roms by doing it all in-app, it has support for iOS 7 game controllers, and even Dropbox support. It doesn’t require a jailbreak, it’s free, and… why are you still reading this? Seriously, it’s not easy to get emulators for iOS without jailbreaking, and this makes it a cinch. Admittedly, you may have to set the date on your iOS device back to February 18th to start the app on occasion when opening the app, but it’s not that bad. Just set your date back, and install it from here. There’s no jailbreak or App Store hack required to download it, but you’ll have to act quickly. Apple typically finds a way to block these, which usually involves banning the developer from the iOS developer program. So, go set your date back (I set mine to the 18th), then download the app, and start playing games. You can fix the date after you get the app up and running, so you’ve got no excuses if you like playing Gameboy games. Go get your game on now!

Source: iDownloadBlog


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