HTC One Successor Coming March 25th

The upcoming HTC One successor will hopefully help push the brand back into the spotlight. The internal components aren’t known very well, but we do have the above leaked rendering and a reveal date: March 25th. The design hasn’t changed much, there’s the on screen buttons, which contributes to the larger screen that’s been rumored, as well as a wrap-around aluminum design, instead of the plastic sides of the current One. There’s also the dual flash, like that seen on the iPhone 5s, and the dual cameras, which are said to improve the clarity of the photos taken with it.

HTC’s hoping that the successor to the One, quite possibly called the HTC One+, will be able to help propel them back to the top of the charts. Not only that, but they’ll be using low to medium cost handset to help them increase their market share in emerging markets. HTC has a marketing problem, and they’re not offering the right products to the right people… yet. But for HTC, a new year and a new beginning comes March 25th.

Sources: Engadget, AndroidCentral


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