One iPad at the Top of the World

Apple’s new ad campaign focuses not on the hardware, but what Apple’s customers are using their devices for. After the first commercial aired, Apple created a page to showcase the stories of some of their more unique users. The first was the story of divers who took their iPads down to the depths of the ocean for the purpose of recording their scientific findings. The latest story focuses on people use iPads to go the opposite direction, to the highest points on earth. They’re not going for scientific study, but to push the bounds of what humanity can do and where they can go. I found myself engrossed in their story, which you can find on Apple’s webpage here. Sure, it reads a bit like an advertisement, but their iPad is a key part of their journey. In fact, it’s one of the few pieces of equipment they use that goes from the base camp to the summit. Most they leave behind as oxygen becomes more scarce, and carrying the weight of the equipment isn’t worth the struggle for air.

The journey itself is fascinating, and the level of preparation before their climb is astounding. Their dependence on their technology, specifically their iPads, and each other is greater than you’d expect. Definitely give the story a read when you get the chance.


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