Reddit User’s Awesome Apple Customer Support Story

If you’ve ever destroyed a beloved gadget due to a clumsy accident, you know the feelings that go through your mind. First, there’s the utter terror as you watch it tumble towards the earth. Then there’s the hope that somehow it didn’t break. There’s the cringe once you realize you’ve broken something you love (and spend a sizable amount of money on). For a while, there’s guilt and frustration, and a twinge of sadness. However, for Apple users, there’s often hope, and for one Reddit user, what he thought was impossible happened during his visit to an Apple Store. He walked in with a broken Retina MacBook Pro, and waked out with a brand new one, wallet still intact.

I’m not going to copy his story and paste it here, so head over to his thread on Reddit to check it out. It’s stories like these that give Apple such high customer satisfaction levels for support. I myself have stories similar to this one, as I’m sure any Apple user who accidentally dropped their device does.


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