Steve Jobs to be Placed on US Stamp

The postal service in the United States is not doing very well. They’re losing money rapidly, and have been discussing putting an end to weekend deliveries. Still, Apple fans, stamp collectors, and Steve Jobs admirers will be happy to know that in 2015, Jobs will grace the less sticky side of a US stamp. It’s nice to see that Steve jobs will be honored by the postal service, as he was a great example of the American dream. He started a company in a garage with a friend and it’s now the most valuable company in the world. People who have contributed to the world in a significant way question frequently placed on stamps, and then immortalized by stamp collectors. I’ve never collected stamps, and I rarely buy or need them, but I think I’ll get some stamps commemorating my favorite tech company founder. Although it is a bit ironic that a man who helped make mail obsolete is being honored by the postal service.

Source: Engadget


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