Ford’s Rumored to be Ditching Microsoft for Blackberry

Currently, Ford is using Microsoft software for their Sync voice activated system and MyFord Touch infotainment system. The system has been reviewed very poorly by nearly everyone who has used it. I’ve used it as well, and can honestly say it’s the worst part of an otherwise amazing vehicle. When I first heard that Ford would be going from Microsoft to Blackberry, I thought they were going from bad to something that is somehow even worse, but it’s not Blackberry’s phone and tablet operating system making it into vehicles, it’s from QNX, a company Blackberry bought in 2010 for just $200 million. The company makes real time software for US nuclear power plants, and they also make in car infotainment software for Audi and BMW.

While the decision is only a rumor at this point, it would be an excellent choice for the company. QNX in car software has been praised for being faster and easier to use than Ford’s current system, which was commissioned by Ford and designed by Microsoft. It’s convoluted, buggy, difficult to use, slow, and often incredibly frustrating. QNX, on the other hand, is far more liked by users. Not only do users enjoy using the software more, but it is also less expensive for the car companies that use it in their vehicles. Plus, there may be another bonus for iOS users. Currently, Ford refuses to work with Apple to get iOS in the car or Siri eyes-free, but Audi and BMW will both feature iOS in the car. Giving users the choice to put their favorite operating system on the screen in their car is a key feature, and many iOS users would rather use iOS in the car and Siri than their current infotainment system.

This sounds like a great opportunity for Ford to finally make an infotainment system that customers will actually enjoy. I only wish Ford would update the current system with some new software, because MyFord Touch and Sync are terrible.

Sources: The Verge, Bloomberg


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