Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i is the iOS Controller You’ve Been Waiting For

Up until now, ther’s been a key issue with all iOS controllers. They either require you to prop your device up, which requires a case or a stand, and sitting further away from an iPhone than you’d like, or they function as a case, and only work for iPhones. You’re probably thinking you’d like a full sized controller, one that works for iPhones and iPads, and one that can also hold your iPhone. Probably would like it to be able to hold future versions of the iPhone and iPod Touches as well.

Mad Catz has been in the controller business for many years, and they’ve heard iOS users loud and clear. Engadget got to do a hands on test of the new controller before it’ sure leased in April.

According to Engadget (you can read their full review in the source link), the new controller is based on Mad Catz’s controller for the Xbox 360 and their Android controller. It’s full sized, so it feels like a real, and high quality, solid controller. There’s a removable clip that will fit nearly any iOS device, and is spring loaded to grip the device. That means that if the future iPhone is larger than the current one, this controller will still work. In the worse case scenario, if the new iPhone doesn’t fit in the clip, you don’t need to get a brand new controller, just a new clip. All other iPhone controller cases will become obsolete when a new iPhone is released.

This design is exactly what gamers want. It feels like a console controller, and works just as well for the iPad as it does for the iPhone. Mad Catz will release the C.T.R.L.i controller this April, in a variety of colors, and it’s going to cost $80.

Source: Engadget


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