New Android Malware Using the Tor Network

The Tor network is a great tool for Internet users who wish to retain their privacy online. It’s nearly impossible to track down a user using the software, which sends request data through a number of hubs, each one giving no information about the previous hub to the next. Users can access everything on the Internet, as well as sites made specifically for the Tor network, and that only exist on the network. As such, it’s a great tool for people who don’t want to be tracked, and was recently made more well known by a notorious user, Edward Snowden. Unfortunately, all that privacy also makes it a key tool for computer hackers. A new Android malware, once installed, sends data back to the owner of the malware, and because they’re using Tor, the hacker or hackers behind this malware can’t be found.

Kaspersky Lab deserves the credit for finding this malware. The Tor network is used not only to collect data from the phone, which can easily be sold off, but it also receives commands from the hackers using it. They could keep it up to date with every new piece of information on your phone, by receiving commands remotely and sending data off. The software receives it’s information from different locations, making it impossible to lock out. The malware doesn’t disguise itself as any particular app, and could be hiding in a number of malicious applications.

Your phone could be infected without your knowing, but there are some ways you can tell. If your phone suddenly can’t hold a charge for very long, your data usage spikes dramatically, or your phone feels hot or warm when you’re not doing anything that would cause such behavior, then you may have malware. The back on the apps you’ve downloaded and consider removing some of your more recent downloads.

Source: PCWorld


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