How to Save Battery Life on iOS

Smartphone users know the terror of a low battery. We’ve come to rely on these devices so much, that the idea of being without it can actually cause anxiety for erm… some people. Anyway, there are a variety of things you can do to save your battery, whether you simply want it to last longer every day, or you’re trying to save that last 2% for emergencies, here are some tips that will help you save your battery from running out.

Your phone is about to die

If your phone is close to running out of juice, and you want it in case you need to make an emergency call later, you can do two things that will immediately increase your battery life. First, turn the brightness all the way down. This is a tip you can use for any situation to save battery life. Now, if you’re definitely not going to be using your phone, you can put it in “Airplane mode”. This turns off the wifi, cellular, and Bluetooth antennas, saving electricity. Both can be accessed from Control Center. On iOS 7, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen (from off the screen and up onto it). You can also find these in the Settings app, but if you have iOS 7, Control Center is the quick and easy way to do this.


You want your battery to last longer every day

This is a bit more complicated, as there are plenty of things you can do, and you’re still going to want to use your phone, so Airplane Mode is out of the question. As I described above, you’re going to want to turn the brightness down. Find the right level that allows you to see all the detail on your screen without struggling, and stick with it. If you really want to save battery life, you can lock the brightness at that level in Settings > Wallpaper and Brightness, and turn off auto-brightness. However, if you’re going to want your phone to adjust brightness depending on your surroundings, keep this on. It’ll make the screen brighter in right sunlight, and darker in a dark setting as to not blind your dark adapted eyes. I recommend leaving it auto brightness on, but turning down the baseline level.

Next up, you’re going to want to limit your phone’s use of your location. GPS tracking will use up your battery, so limit the apps that have access to your location. You can do this in Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Apps like Mapquest, Foursquare, Safari, and Yelp are going to need to use your location, while the camera will only need it if you want your photos to save your GPS location, which if you plan on sharing them online, you don’t want that.

Another option for iOS 7 is to turn off background app refreshes. You’ll have to update your apps manually, as you did when you used an older version of iOS, but that will be a few less Internet requests, which will save some juice. You can do this in Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

Finally, if you’re not using wifi, you can turn it off. For example, if you’re going out for a night out, you most likely will not be using it. Turn it off, and your iPhone won’t be searching for a wifi network it can connect to. This will save a large amount of battery life. Plus, it’s very easy. You can just open Control Center (swipe up from the bottom), or go into the Settings app.

There’s more you can do to save battery life, like limiting app use, especially intense apps like Infinity Blade 3, however these key tips will help you keep your iPhone not only lasting all day, but for an entire weekend (I’ve used these tips to do just that before). Many users for all smartphone manufacturers claim that they dislike their battery life, but most of them aren’t using their phones properly. Now you won’t have to worry about running out of battery life as much.


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