Is Apple Advertising the iPhone 5c Virally on Tumblr?

Apple hasn’t engaged in viral marketing in the past, but the slow sales of the iPhone 5c may have motivated the Cupertino based company to try it out. A Tumblr user, isee5c has posted what appear to be professionally produced short 15 second videos advertising the iPhone 5c. Of course, there are plenty of people who could make these short commercials, but who, other than Apple, would have the motivation to do so? Not only that, but some users have reported that the posts have appeared on their dashboard as promoted posts. It’s unlikely that anyone would pay to promote Apple ads besides Apple. Finally, the videos are hosted on Vimeo by the user MAL, which is the name of a company that makes ads for Apple.

Check out the videos on Tumblr, they do a good job of emphasizing the colorful and fun aspects of the iPhone 5c.

Source: 9to5Mac


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