Are these photos of the iPhone 6 Screen?

It’s been rumored for some time now that the iPhone 6 would not only feature a larger screen, but would also be as easy to use and comfortable to hold as previous iPhones. It’s a feat thought to be impossible: a bigger screen that doesn’t make users stretch their hands to use. It wouldn’t hurt if it also fit in a pocket more easily than other phones that have larger screens. If these photos are actually parts for the next iPhone, that task will be easier than previously thought.

Personally, I’m suspicious of these photos. They look like previous renders of iPhone concepts, featuring no bezels, and less space on the top and bottom of the phone. In fact, it looks like the screen touches the home button cutout here, which seems a bit strange.

These could be well crafted photoshop images, prototype parts, or, and this is a long shot, but they could actually be real. The phone would be the same width and height as the iPhone 5s, but would most likely be considerably thinner. Apple would have to use new technologies to increase the battery capacity of this phone, or reduce the energy consumption of the device. Without doing so, the larger screen would use more electricity, reducing the battery life. Apple wouldn’t release a phone unless it was better than the previous phone in every conceivable way, so don’t expect a compromise on battery life, at least not a significant one.

What do you think? Would you be interested in an iPhone with a larger screen if it meant a phone that was actually the same size or thinner than the current iPhone?

Source: BGR


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