Wake and Bacon

Forget roses, wouldn’t you rather wake up and smell the bacon? You work hard to bring it home, but without a cook or significant other, it’s unlikely that you’ve woken up to the sweet scent of bacon recently. Oscar Mayer wants to change that. Over at the prestigious Oscar Mayer Institute For Bacon Advancement, a device has been created that allows your iPhone, along with an app, to emit the smell of bacon in the morning for your alarm. Of course, there’s nothing that could help with the supreme disappointment you’d feel after waking up and realizing that you do not have bacon. If you think you can deal with that kind of heartbreak, go to Oscar Mayer’s website to sign up to win one. Yes, win one, you can’t buy it, not yet anyway. Personally, I’m just going to head down to the supermarket and buy a bunch of bacon.

Source: Engadget


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