iPhone Less Likely to be Damaged, More Likely to be Stolen

A new study, conducted by ProtectCell, has shown that iPhones are far less likely to be broken than their Android or Windows phone counterparts, but are more frequently the target of thieves. iPhones have a much higher resale value than competing phones. This is great when users are looking to upgrade to a new phone, because they can get more money back for their iPhone, but it also makes the devices targets of thieves. The sturdy construction of aluminum, gorilla glass, and sapphire has made the iPhone tough, and less likely to be damaged from drops.

ProtectCell sells insurance for phones, separate from the insurance policies manufacturers have offered for their devices. Often, they can offer protection for a price that remains competitive to what you’d expect to get from a manufacturer or retailer like Best Buy. As such, many people have used their service, and they were able to compile results of a study based on the claims of over 2 million customers.

Their study showed that iPhones were 46% less likely to need a replacement due to damage. This could be due to their more study construction, or even their smaller form factor, which makes them easier to hold and therefore less likely to be dropped. Due to the high resale value of iPhones, they’re 65% more likely to be stolen, although that also includes people who have lost their phones. However, with improving anti-theft features in iOS, such as Find my iPhone, activation locking, and automatic alerting, thieves may think twice about stealing iPhones in the near future.

If you can manage to keep your iPhone out of the hands of thieves, which isn’t very difficult, you should expect to need insurance less than you would for other phones, and see a greater return on your investment.

Source: CultOfMac


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