iPhone 6 Specs Leak

The iPhone 6 is still months away, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating on the device. We’ve heard that it will be thinner, which is obvious, and that it will have a larger screen. Current rumors state that there will be two new iPhones, one will have a screen that’s between 4.5” and 4.7”, and the other that will be more phablet sized, 5.5” or larger. Beyond that, we haven’t heard much about the new phones. However, notorious Apple leaker, Sonny Dickson, has announced that he has received new information on the future mobile devices from Apple.

Sonny has a good track record, but the last thing he leaked is now thought to be a fake. It is, by far, the blackest mark on his track record, which otherwise is nearly spotless. So with that being said, take future leaks with a grain of salt until he proves that he still has his finger on Apple’s pulse. It’s possible that his inside track to the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c is no longer relevant. Apple could have switched manufacturing plants, and therefore Sonny could no longer have a source within the factory.

As for the specs he leaked, they’re incredibly impressive, which makes them a bit difficult to believe. First, the iPhone will get a serious slimming, now down to 5.59mm thin. That’s coming from the 7.6mm of the iPhone 5s. That would be a huge difference in thickness, although the iPhone 5 was shockingly thin after the iPhone 4s. The processor is said to be a 2.6Ghz, 64 bit processor. Making the A8 processor well over twice as fast as the A7 in the iPhone 5s. The screen is going to be bigger, but it will still feature a screen with a higher pixel density than the current retina displays. He claims Apple will market it as “Ultra-Retnia”. Finally, the camera will receive a larger sensor, but stay at 8 megapixels. This means it will collect more light for better photos, especially at night. It will also feature optical as well as digital image stabilization, helping it take clear photos, even if your moving.

These specs sound fantastic, but can’t be validated. It’s possible that Sonny could have either lost his sources within the factory making Apple products, or he could still have his sources, but was mislead on the first leak. Either way, the specs don’t necessarily matter with Apple products. The new iPhone will be leaps and bounds better than the outgoing model, so the actual specs are a bit irrelevant.

Sources: NDTV, TechnoBuffalo


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