What New iPhone Features do You Want the Most?

A mockup of what the iPhone 6 could look like

There has been a significant and strangly numerous volume of rumors flooding in about the next iPhone recently. It’s expected to have a larger screen, slimmer form factor, considerably faster processor, improved camera with optical and digital image stabilization and improved low light photos, a new version of iOS (obviously), health tracking features, possibly better battery life or better speakers and maybe something else we haven’t even heard of yet.

What new feature are you most looking forward to seeing on the next iPhone? Personally, I’d say “all of the above”, but since I designed the poll to only allow people to chose one option, I’m going to say… a larger screen. But that choice comes with one large caveat. I only want a bigger screen if Apple can manage to make a phone with a larger screen that’s still easy to fit in a small pocket and use with one hand. Perhaps it’s a tall order, but it would be an extraordinary feature for the new iPhone.


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