Check Out this Leaked HTC One Case

HTC has transformed itself from a company that made run of the mill Android phones, to one that truly stands above their fellow Android manufacturers. That was done with the HTC One, the first Android phone to make a diehard Apple fan like myself jealous of Android users. Tomorrow, HTC will reveal the all new HTC One at 11am Eastern time, in New York. You can find a number of liveblogs to follow this announcement if you’d like, like BGR’s or CNET’s. There’s many more as well, and I’ll likely tweet about it during the reveal. Prior to tomorrow’s announcement, I thought I’d share a creative case design HTC will apparently reveal with the all new HTC One tomorrow.

The case appears to work in conjunction with the phone to display things like the time and weather on the outside, while still protecting the screen. The case actually has small holes in it, allowing the screen below the cover to emit light through those holes, simulating an LED dot matrix display. It’s a simplistic and creative way to display information through a protective case, and it looks very cool as well. The case doesn’t look to add much bulk, so it could end up being a popular case choice.

This leak comes from evleaks, who have a reputable track record with phone leaks. In short, expect to see this case tomorrow in a variety of colors.

Sources: Gizmodo, GottaBeMobile


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