Is This the Next iPhone? Probably not.

A “leaked” photo of an iPhone prototype dummy for case manufacturers is traveling around on various blogs. Some of these blogs are quite reputable, but all websites are susceptible to sensationalist, money making stories. You seem the rumor claims that the photos are of a leaked plastic dummy used to help case manufacturers test new their new cases on the future iPhone. There are just a few issues with this leaked prototype, and those bring the validity of this leak into question.

My first suspicion came from the leaking of this plastic dummy prototype at all. In the past, we’ve never seen a leaked dummy phone. Apple usually gives case makers the blueprint of the next iPhone, with general information about the location of buttons, home button, screen, and cameras. Apple wouldn’t send them a plastic prototype. It’s possible that this case manufacturer made their own plastic mockup, but why wouldn’t they also leak the blueprints to verify the validity of their dummy phone.

My next issue was with the speaker on the front of e device. It seems as though it’s placed quite high, with a large space between it and the screen. Apple isn’t likely to use so much empty space on the face of their phone. Perhaps it won’t look so bad on the actual phone, but on this mockup, it looks out of place.

Then we go to the back of the phone, where Apple is apparently giving the camera a downgrade. The back shows a smaller, circular rear microphone opening like that on the iPhone 5c, which seems strange for the flagship iPhone. After that is the flash. Apple created a new dual LED flash with the release of the iPhone 5s, which is an immense improvement over the previous flash. The dual LEDs can create a brighter flash, and a more natural light, which equates to much better photos when a flash is used. Why would Apple ever go back on that and release a new, larger iPhone without such an important feature?

Finally, there’s the camera lens. It’s just a hunch, but if Apple is going to release a larger camera sensor, and decrease the focal length, they may also wish to increase the aperture of the camera lens, which would allow it to gather more light. This is why you see large lenses on DSLR cameras. A lens that can pull n more light can produce sharper photos, and collect more light in the dark. It’s not a feature guaranteed to come with an improved camera, but it’s one of the things Apple could do to help improve the camera on the iPhone 6.

Is this a dummy prototype of the next iPhone? Ignoring the previous criticisms, let’s pretend for a moment that this is an actual mockup of the next iPhone. It looks to be taller, but not much wider, which means the new iPhone would feature a larger screen, but may still be easy to hold and use with one hand. It also wouldn’t be much harder to fit into a pocket. If this is the next iPhone, it shows serious promise. However, I don’t believe this is a legitimate leak, it just doesn’t look like Apple’s next top of the line iPhone. It could be the next iPhone 6c, but it seems to me that Apple would rather offer their cheaper iPhone with a smaller screen. What do you think? Is this the next iPhone 6, an iPhone 6c, or a fake?

Sources: BGR, Redmond Pie


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