Apple a Could Make a Cablebox for Comcast

Comcast is a, possibly legitimately evil, cable corporation that offers Internet, cable TV, and phone service in the United States. There are a variety of reasons as to why it’s a company worthy of resentment. They have a growing monopoly (and rising prices), they violate net neutrality, and the cable box they offer with the service bites. The interface is slow and awkward, it only records two shows at a time, and searching or navigating the On Demand service is a gigantic pain. Plus, it can only record two shows at a time, and you have to be watching one of them, and it has very little storage space, It’s just a terrible piece of technology. However, there is one company that could make it better, and that’s Apple. If only they were working with Comcast to make such a product.

Sorry, what am I saying? Of course they are taking with Comcast to do something.

Apple was originally working with Time Warner to potentially create a cable box based on the Apple TV software. However, seeing as Comcast is merging with their only real competition for cable, forming a near perfect monopoly, Apple is now in takes with Comcast. Theoretically, the Apple TV would be offered by Comcast as an alternative to the standard cable box. Comcast already offers other options, such as their upgraded cable box and the infamous TiVo, albeit for an increased price.

The Apple TV interface would be far greater than any other cable box interface has I’ve used thus far. It would also combine iTunes content, such as music, movies, and TV shows, Netflix, Internet, many steaming video channels, and AirPlay. Other rumors have even stated that the next Apple TV could feature games and third party apps as well. It’s a shame that Apple has to work with a company like Comcast, as many have hoped that steaming boxes such as the Apple TV would eventually replace cable companies. However, that transition may be more gradual than was previously thought, and more of a merger of streaming content and paid cable content than an outright replacement.

Source: MacObserver


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