iPhone Phablet Size Leaked?

What you see above is apparently a photo from a blueprint of the next iPhone, leaked on a Chinese website. From the look of it, this seems to be for the rumored iPhablet. The screen on a device like this would be around somwhere between 5 and 6 inches, closer to 6 inches, which still fits in with previous rumors. The device would also be quite large, about the size of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The image shows an iPhone that is 85mm by 150mm. That would make it about 26mm wider and 26mm taller than the iPhone 5s. If that doesn’t sound like much, because you’re not accustomed to the metric system, imagine an extra inch on each side of your iPhone. If you owned a phone like this, you would have no choice but to use it with two hands. Unless you’re Shaq, and even then, you might have to stretch a bit.

Fortunately, Apple is rumored to be releasing an iPhone with a screen that’s between 4.5 and 4.7 inches as well. If the screen on this rumored device takes up more of the front of the phone, with smaller bezels, then many people would be capable of using the device with a single hand. This is still important to many iPhone users, who like the fact that they can use their phones with one hand, and fit it in a pocket more easily.

Many iPhone users are hoping that the next iPhone will have a larger screen. According to the poll posted here, it’s one of the most popular new features next to improved battery life for the new iPhone. Most users would probably want to get the smaller of the two, an iPhone with a screen measuring below 5 inches diagonally. However, Android users may have been waiting for a larger iPhone before making the switch, and some iPhone users may have been looking at Android phones with a twinge of jealousy. Even I’ll admit I’ve been jealous of Android users with their larger screens. The real question is, would Apple make a device like this? A device that requires two hands to use? Maybe, but only to answer demand. The iPhone that Apple will focus on will be the smaller of the two, the one that is just easy to use.

Source: BGR


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