Your Verse: Diagnosing Concussions

Apple’s Your Verse campaign continues, this time examining a clinic in Ohio that is using iPads and an app to measure the seriousness of a head injury. The ability to quickly diagnostic a concussion can make a huge difference in treatment for athletes. Awareness over the life altering nature of concussions and head injuries is rising, and as such, coaches, parents, players, and doctors are rushing to diagnose and treat these injuries faster than ever. Now, the iPad and an app from C3 Logix can change all of that.

While this example of iPad use isn’t as breathtaking as the views from the top of the world or the depths of the ocean, it’s still a very important feature for athletes, their families, trainers, coaches, and the athletic departments of schools. Concussions are dangerous, and can affect the cognitive function of a person who has experienced one later in their life. Now that we know this, additional efforts are being made to help prevent head injuries in sports like football, where they’re common. However, these head injuries are common in many sports, including soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, and wrestling. Seeing as children play these sports, and are also at risk for such life-altering head injuries, diagnosing issues is important. However, until now, doctors had to rely on subjective interviews with athletes who may just want to get back in the game. With the iPad and this app, definitive results can be ascertained in a matter of minutes, protecting athletes like never before.

The C3 Logix app uses an iPad to help clinics diagnose head trauma using a series of on-screen tests, as well as the accelerometers to test cognitive ability and balance. Someone who has injured their head will usually have issues with memory, problem solving, and balance. By first testing a baseline test for a player, and storing it in the cloud, a doctor or coach could simply administer the test with an iPad, anywhere, and compare the player’s results after an injury to their test results from a healthy state. The test can tell them whether or not a player can go back in, needs to rest, or needs to go to a hospital.

The iPad is truly changing people’s lives. The past two releases from the “Your Verse” campaign showed ways that the iPad was changing how people took part in adventures to the top of mountains, or how they discovered the wonders under the sea. This one shows how it can be used to save lives. The potential for Apple’s little tablet is nowhere near being reached. It might be a post PC world, but that doesn’t mean our devices, especially our iPads, can’t do more than ever before.

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