Apple’s Datacenters the “Greenest” in Tech

Greenpeace and Apple haven’t always gotten along, as Greenpeace has requested on multiple occasions that Apple increase their environmental efforts. However, it has been a very important issue at Apple, and a key part of their culture, as CEO Tim Cook has forcefully pointed out to investors. Apple has been working to improve the materials that go into their products as well as the ability to recycle them for some time. Apple has also focused on using renewable energy in their datacenters, the servers that store information for customers, for iCloud, and for the iTunes/App Store. Greenpeace now reports that Apple has gotten their datacenters to use only renewable energy. 100% of the electricity powering Apple’s datacenters comes from renewable energy. The closest competitor is only using 59% renewable energy.

Greenpeace claims that Apple’s datacenters use 100% renewable energy, as Apple reported last year. None of Apple’s fellow companies use nearly the same amount of renewable energy sources like wind and solar. The closest is Yahoo, with 59% renewable energy usage. However they didn’t do very well on their scorecard from Greenpeace for energy transparency, their commitment to renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and renewable energy deployment and advocacy. Facebook was close to half of their energy coming from clean sources, with 49%. Facebook also is the only company that comes close to Apple’s scorecard. Even Google, using 48% renewable energy, slightly less than Facebook, does not fare so well.

You can look through the chart above for the rest. Most notable is ebay, the worst offender, by far, of the companies examined. ebay somehow managed to only get 6% of their energy from clean, renewable energy sources, opting to instead use primarily natural gas and coal. It’s reports like these that allow environmentally conscious consumers to select products from a brand that is doing everything they can to protect the environment.

Source: AppleInsider

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