Apple Knows they Need a Larger iPhone

Leaked internal slides how from Apple reveals that the company knows consumers want smartphones with screens above 4 inches, and they also want phones that cost less than $300. Apple has known this for some time, but due to iPhone release schedules, has not been able to do anything about it until this year. Now, they want to capture the attention of consumers, bringing them back into the Apple ecosystem. That means we absolutely can expect the new iPhone this year to have a larger screen, and perhaps the iPhone 5c will receive a price drop.

Consumers have been asking Apple for a larger iPhone screen for years. It’s currently the top requested feature in the poll here, as well as many others across the web. Apple gave us some answer to our requests with the iPhone 5, which featured a screen that was half an inch larger than the screen on the iPhone 4s. With the iPhone 5s out of the way, Apple will be changing the form factor of the iPhone drastically, and that means it could be time once again for a larger iPhone screen.

Apple’s key obstacle is case size and ease of use. People want phones that are small enough to fit in a pocket, and comfortable to use with just one hand. Apple has evolved iOS to be more reliant on gestures than stretching to the corners of the screen, and iOS 8 will probably be the same. On top of that, a thinner phone and thinner bezel would make it easier to reach across the phone, which Apple is also expected to release. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Apple will increase the size of the iPhone screen over 4 inches for the first time this year.

Sources: Redmond Pie, BGR


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