Touch ID Coming to the iPad

Typically, Apple introduces a technology on the iPhone that makes it to the next generation of the iPad. The iPhone 5s brought a number of new technologies, the Touch ID fngerprint scanner and the 64 bit A7 processor were technologies that could make it to the iPad. The iPad did get the brand-new, 64 bit A7 processor, but it didn’t get the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Once again, property files in iOS 7.1.1 have revealed the potential for the Touch ID to come to the iPad.

As I mentioned in the post regarding Siri coming to the Apple TV, the iPhone has a property value of 1, the iPad is 2, and the Apple TV is 3. This property file clearly shows the iPad along with the iPhone on the list of devices that would be using Touch ID. Apple’s version of fingerprint scanning, Touch ID is the best fingerprint scanning hardware on mobile, possibly the best in consumer electronics. It reads fingerprints quickly and accurately, doesn’t require swiping, and is secure with the storage of the fingerprints. Incorporating it in all Apple devices would be a great idea, not just the mobile devices but also Macs. This hasn’t been hinted at yet, but Touch ID on the iPad is all but certain for this year.

Source: MacRumors


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