iPhone 6 Case and Mold Leaked?

Due to the fact that we’re most likely 4 to 5 months away from the release of the next iPhone, I recommend taking every leak claiming to be the next iPhone with a huge grain of salt. However, the case that was revealed with this leak came curtesy of Sonny Dickson, famed and accurate leaker of future iOS devices. However, he’s been incredibly inaccurate regarding the iPhone 6. Still, over the past two iPhone revisions, he’s successfully predicted and even leaked parts from future Apple devices. Sonny Dickson has leaked what he claims is the first case for the iPhone 6. Along with it, a mold apparently used to create these cases has also been leaked from a seperate source. The two seem to fit together, lending credibility to the leaks.

Either both of these sources have the same bad information (not unlikely), or these are legitimate glimpses into the future of Apple’s mobile product line (a little unlikely).

This case has been making rounds on the internet for a while now, but without the support of a trustworthy source or a confirming leak, I couldn’t even bring myself to post it. It could be nothing more than a decent looking fake. The mold itself could just be a fake created to look like it fits in the case, which was leaked before the mold. The two also come from different sources, but both claim to gave gotten their leaked products from case manufactuers who received designs from Apple in advance.

This isn’t the first time someone has claimed to receive their leaked products from case makers. They have been used as the “source” of leaked materials for some time. Case manufacturers have leaked fake mockups, claiming they had more information than anyone else, or even made their own. They didn’t have any advance notice at all. In fact, before the iPhone 4S was released, reputable case makers even had created cases for a device that they hadn’t seen yet, and ended up looking nothing like the actual product. They wasted money creating cases based on what others claimed would be the future iPhone, and that could be happening now.

The case and leaked mold look good, but I’m still not convinced. In fact, I think they’re nothing more than an attempt to get page views and notoriety. The flash is still just a circle, which is an unlikely design shape for the dual flash of the iPhone 5s. These look to be a mix between the iPod Touch and the iPhone 5c, which might not be the design direction Apple would take for their flagship phone. Perhaps it’s because this is a case and a mold, but they just don’t seem to resonate with the same magic as an Apple product. I’ll take every leak with a grain of salt right up until Apple reveals the next iPhone, and you should too.

Sources: CultOfMac and BGR


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