iOS Users On the Web More than Android

iOS users and Android users may not seem too different, but their usage habits, especially when evaluating large numbers, are vastly different. Despite the fact that there are still more Android users in the US than iOS users, iOS device owners still manage to own more of the Internet traffic in North America than Android users. The difference, which has been suggested before, is that iOS is more prone to frequent usage, either due to ease of use, speed, size of the device, or the prescence of better apps. Windows phone and Blackberry devices see even less usage than their marketshare, implying they’re used even less often than Android.

When broken down by manufacturer instead of operating system, Apple’s lead is even more impressive. Apple’s the only company making iOS devices, while many manufacturers are making Android devices. Looking at this, it’s not surprising that Apple would become one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Windows Phone is beating out Blackberry by 0.2%, which, while it’s not much, is great for Microsoft, and terrible for Blackberry. The once great smartphone manufactuer Blackberry is now behind the newest operating system represented by name on this chart. Blackberry is going to need more than a momentary boost in marketshare to defeat what could be the biggest problem for both Windows Phone and Blackberry: getting users to not only use their devices more, but actually love them. iOS users love their devices, and, to a lesser extent, Android users do as well. It’s that love that keeps users coming back and buying new devices on their chosen platform. Without it, a company will wither and fade away, as Blackberry has done.

Source: AppleInsider


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