Google Buys Word Lens After it’s Featured in Apple Ad

In Apple’s latest iPhone 5s commercial, which features a number of apps assisting iPhone 5s owners to recreate the Pixies song Gigantic, as well as users doing some amazing things with their phones. Among those amazing things is an app that translates other languages in real time. All you have to do is point your phone at the text you wish to translate, and it displays in your selected language on your phone. The app is called Word Lens, and it works quite well. Google thought so too, that’s why they bought the company for their app. The company behind the app has also made one for Android and even Google Glass. Google has worked closely with them before, it’s only natural that they’d want their branding on such powerful software. That’s not good for users in the long run, but for now, the app, and all languages that can be downloaded for it, are free. Get it while you can.

Google will likely remove the app from the App Store and Google Play as well. That’s why you should buy it while you can. Google will release these features in a future Google-branded app. The Google App will probably be free, however, as with all Google services, it’s paid for somehow. Google’s app will collect data, which won’t be too important for users, unless they’re uncomfortable with the idea of Google looking through all the text they try to translate.

If you ever find yourself in a foreign country, unable to read signs or menus, then you’ll especially find this app useful. If you never intend to go to a foreign country where they don’t speak the languages you know, then by all means, don’t download this app. But, if there’s even a chance that you may one day be faced with a sign written in a language you can’t read, then go download this app and every language it supports now, before Google releases their own version and pulls this one forever.

Source: MacRumors


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