Let the FCC Know You Want Net Neutrality

Once the courts, at the request of Verizon, struck down net neutrality, Comcast immidately stepped in with their own vile plan. Netflix now pays Comcast to gain access to a “fast lane”, and other companies will be next. It goes against everything that net neutrality stands for, and will lead to higher prices, crippled small businesses, and limited choices for consumers. The FCC was supposed to stand up for equality, consumer rights, and equal opportunity, but instead decided to make Comcast’s “fast lane” throttling legal. It certainly didn’t hurt Comcast’s chances that the head of the FCC worked for NBC when they merged with Comcast. That merger was vertical integration to a frightning degree, Comcast now had control over content creation and delivery. Tom Wheeler, the current chairman of the FCC pushed for it then, and is now pushing to give Comcast even more power. Fortunately, we have an opportunity to defent net neutrality, and all we have to do is fill out a short form.

The FCC could still decide to do nothing with the complaints of US citizens. After all, corporate giants like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T are adamantly against net neutrality, and they have deep pockets. Unfortunately, the United States government has become more of an oligarchy than a democracy, and corporations can donate nearly unlimited funds to a candidate’s election campaign. As such, politicians care less about their constituents, and more about what their campaign financiers think of them. There is some hope for citizens though. If politicians realize the people they represent couldn’t be swayed by any level of campaigning due to negative attention, they will have no choice but to side with the people. There’s just one way to do that, and that’s make sure the FCC knows just how bad anyone who stands against net neutrality will look. We need to let out politicians know that standing against net neutrality is career suicide.

For once, people can comment directly on the matter. Just go to the FCC website and fill out this short form, this longer one, or send an email to openinternet@fcc.gov. Let the FCC know you won’t stand for “fast lanes”, limited choices, and anti-competitive policies. Net neutrality is a representation of freedom, and if the internet isn’t “free” in this country, people will find business failing, raising prices, and free speech will be limited. Tell the FCC and our elected officials that this is an important matter to you, because regardless of whether you understand it or not (you should), net neutrality should be very important to you.

Source: The Verge


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